A woman sews special dolls for the little ones with disabilities

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A doll is always enjoyable and the most cherished toy for a young child. But consider if the doll resembled a young person with a disability.

Amy Yandrisevitz, an American, sews dolls for the little girls in her community handicapped.

These adorable stuffed animals are all on a mission to help unique kids. Amy Yandrisewitz, a former social worker from the United States, started her „A Doll Like Me“ project over a year ago.

Since then, the woman has been making toys and sending them to special kids all around the world. The dolls that belong to Amy share traits with them.

Usually, little ones love seeing little versions of themselves. The primary goal of every Amy doll is to convince the youngster that he is special and attractive just the way he is.

About five years ago, Amy made her first doll, and ever since then, making dolls has been her main interest.

„It might be difficult to convince a young child that they are attractive in their own right, but our dolls give them self-assurance.

The next two years are reserved for Amy’s commands. Each doll receives a bit of her soul because it is more than simply a toy for both her and the owner to come.

An individual creates dolls in her living room. Amy mixes her passion for social work, crafts, and children with ease.

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