A young couple managed to lose almost 100 kg in just one year: watch them now

Positive Schwingungen

Love made thinking about one’s health a consideration for Stephanie and Brandon.

They were both obese. They have accepted it thus far.

Furthermore, they were completely in love with each other, and nothing stood in the way of them developing a personal life.

Nothing seemed to be able to separate them until Brandon was given a bad prognosis. He had sleep apnea, which could have caused him to suffocate while sleeping at night.

And the added weight was the cause.

They were terrified. The couple could not have a happy ending when they are still very young. It was already challenging for them to be active. And they desired to be parents.

Then a year-long struggle starts. The female lost 53 kg in a year, while her partner lost 36.

Stephanie still sparkles and has a pleasant roundness, but she can now afford to live a full life.

To accomplish the ideal, they did not subject themselves to extreme dieting. To avoid stressing one other out, the pair made the decision to go cautiously.

The menu was still extensive, but there were fewer servings than before.

The change was based on regularity. Not a few weeks of particular nutrition, but a long-term, healthy lifestyle.

Of course, there was a list of goods that were forbidden, but they managed to make up for it.

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