A 12 years old boy saved four children from a burning big house: it’s a miracle

Interessante Gerüchte

At midday, a fire broke out at the dacha location. Oleg, who was twelve, was playing outside when he noticed a cloud of smoke.

The dacha belonging to the neighbors was ablaze.

«I climbed up the slide, and the whole roof was on fire. I climbed through a hole in the fence to get to the house.

When the youngsters started knocking, I busted the window.

Since the door was on fire, I took off my jacket and threw it in the snow before beginning to remove the kids out the window one at a time. One kid was unclothed.

I located pants for him right away. When I tried to fetch the fourth one, a man approached and assisted me in rescuing him.

I simply had adrenaline; I wasn’t afraid.

The gas cylinder, which was frozen to the snow outside the home, was set aside, according to the kid and the man.

The parents showed up after the firefighters. The four kids, who ranged in age from two to eight, did not require hospitalization.

Four pieces of equipment, 17 firefighters, and other members of the city’s emergency services were on the scene.

Two gas cylinders were taken from the burning house by the firefighters.

At 12:07 pm, firefighters contained the fire. The fire was put out at 12:28, according to the Department of Emergency’s press office.

The incorrect heating of the furnace is thought to have started the fire.

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