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Corey Dunlop, a 28-year-old Australian, had always dreamed of having his beloved grandmother Miriam at his wedding.

At 92 years old, Miriam had limited mobility and used a wheelchair, making it a challenge to bring her to the ceremony.

But Corey was determined to make it happen. He found a special service that could help transport his grandmother and ensure that she arrived safely and comfortably at the wedding.

Corey was overjoyed to have his grandmother by his side on his special day.

He made sure to take plenty of photographs to remember the occasion, knowing that these memories would be treasured for a lifetime.

The two had been very close for the past nine years, and Corey felt that their bond had only grown stronger since he and his partner decided to get married.

„Family is a huge part of our lives, and my grandmother is one of the most important people to me,“ Corey says. „I don’t have many relatives, as my mother passed away a few years ago. So having my grandmother at my wedding was extremely important to me.“

He added that his grandmother had a great sense of humor and always brought laughter wherever she went.

At the wedding, Corey’s grandmother was in high spirits and enjoyed every moment of the celebration.

Corey said that having her there was a storm of emotions, filled with tears of joy, warm hugs, and memories that would last a lifetime.


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