Adoptive mom accidentally finds out her little ones are siblings: they are wonderful

Interessante Gerüchte

Katie Page of Colorado adopted a boy when he was four days old and a girl who was similar a year later.

Over a year has passed since Katie learned that her children were biological siblings.

Katie Page, 30, from Colorado resolved to make a total shift after the divorce.

She moved to employment, bought a new home, and began working as a nanny and tutor with young children who had experienced trauma at the request of the neighborhood church.

. A few years later, she came to the realization that she wanted to go on and adopt a young child who was abandoned. A four-day-old kid who had been abandoned by his mother in a hospital was soon presented to Katie for adoption.

The baby’s condition was unaffected by his mother’s pharmaceutical use throughout pregnancy, according to the experts.

While social workers looked for his parents, Katie gained custody of the child, who she called Grayson, and raised him for 11 months.

No one responded to the advertising we placed in the newspaper, and nobody showed up at the hospital to ask about his condition, claims Cathy.

Grayson became Kathy’s son after 11 months when her adoption application was accepted.

A few weeks later, Katie received an offer to adopt a second baby, this one a girl, who was four days old and left in the same hospital.

The young one is already in Kathy’s care, and she will shortly finalize the adoption so that her large family will be complete.

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