After 53 years she revealed her birth parents were still looking for her

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Susan Gervais believed she was adopted for her entire life.

It wasn’t until 53 years later that she abruptly disclosed the truth, revealing that her original parents had been hunting for their missing baby girl since 1969.

When Susan was a very small girl, their neighbors caught her.

The neighbors gave them assurances that Susan would only go to Disneyland with their friends.

So they intended to keep the girl to themselves, just as they had earlier planned.

Susan was adopted by a new family, who secretly relocated to Canada.

They quickly departed Canada as well, frequently moving. In the end, they relocated to New Zealand.

Susan was informed that she had been adopted when she was 4 years old, and she lived her entire life believing it.

But her new parents treated her differently; they took good care of her and adored her.

Even though she has barely visited half the earth and has a solid education, she has always felt welcomed by them.

So, after all these years, she began looking for her biological parents. And it wasn’t until she made a firm decision to tell him the truth one day that the pair finally shared their secret.

She was initially stunned, but she ultimately came to terms with the reality.

After 53 years, she was able to track down her parents.

It turned out that throughout the years, they had also been looking for her.

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