After his beloved dog passed away, he adopted animals that couldn’t find forever homes


Our planet is a better place to live because of kindness.

But the sad reality is that some older dogs or other pets that haven’t had an opportunity to be adopted end up being put to death.

Unfortunately, society is largely unconcerned with this fact, and only a few kindhearted individuals strive to do their part.

They are not hesitant to adopt animals with medical issues, in addition to aging pets.

All of them deserve a second chance at life, according to Steve.

When adopting animals, this nice man is not only interested in dogs and cats but also in pigs, pigeons, and ducks.

He cares about all of them.

Greig has transformed his property in Denver into a spacious, home for a pig, many dogs, a pigeon, numerous cats, a bunny, and a few chickens.

Since he was a little child, Steve liked animals and has been surrounded by several creatures.

The expedition starts when Steve’s cherished dog unexpectedly passes away.

Although it has been months, the grief is still present in his heart on a deep level.

He started off by adopting an elderly Chihuahua, then moved on to another dog, then another, and so forth.

Watching this man fight and care for these helpless souls is incredibly moving.

All the animals in his home share a unique bond with him. Since all of those suffering animals will benefit from Steve’s love, care, and dedication, he believes that his life is worthwhile.

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