After more than 15 years of living separately twins meet unexpectedly: the story below

Positive Schwingungen

Marielisa Romo and Andrea Penaherera had no idea that their lives would be irrevocably altered when they walked into a café in the hamlet of Milagros.

But many of the mysteries surrounding their existence started to be revealed on that defining day.

They first learn that they are identical twins.

They happened to cross paths when they were fifteen, just like in a movie. Andrea recalls going to the Milagros restaurant for dinner with her mother.

Just as they took their seats, they glanced across the room

to where a beautiful adolescent girl was sitting.

Both of them were shocked to see how much the stranger resembled Andrea, right down to their height, eyes, and hair.

The two females immediately began conversing, promising to find out why their genotypes were so similar, which they thought was quite weird.

Later, they learn that their parents are the same and that they were also born on the same day.

According to Petita and her husband’s lawsuit, the girl was taken from them by the doctors. In an effort to learn everything, the authorities have opened an investigation.

Marielisa, meantime, believed that the legal struggle was useless.

She believed that was the only way they could truly demonstrate their love for him.

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