After never having played the lottery a lady decided to try her luck and won the prize

Interessante Gerüchte

In the US state of Michigan, a fortunate player hit the Powerball jackpot.

Joni Thompson made the decision to play after 54 years of existence and grabbed the bull by the horns.

One million dollars was the prize money. According to the woman, the widespread announcement of the top prize persuaded her to purchase her winning ticket at a retailer.

But she was amazed that he did. On social media, she learned that a resident of her hometown had won a million dollars.

The woman then made the decision to look at her ticket to check if it matched the results of the most recent drawing.

When I realized I had successfully selected all five numbers and won the jackpot, I was unable to control my tears.

I asked my son to scan my ticket on the lottery app to double-check that I understood everything. I still haven’t really processed my feelings after such a success, Thompson admitted.

The woman gave an explanation of her plans for the money she had received.

The remaining will be saved, which will be used to grow the business. In an effort to win, she brought her child with her to the contest.

According to lottery officials, the greatest Powerball prize ever won was over $2 billion, and a single ticket only cost $2.

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