After several years of trying they had 7 babies at a time

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Five years of trying failed for Julie and Lance Erickson to conceive a child. Numerous attempts at artificial insemination also ended in failure.

The couple resorted to the National Infertility Organization after five years of unemployment.

At the time, the organization was planning a lottery in which the winners would receive a free distribution.

The draw was won by Julie and Lance. They „win“ 7 kids at a time thanks to the lottery after having no young for a number of years.

Ten of Julie’s eggs were later donated; they were frozen and put in an incubator. According to estimates, at least one or two out of every ten embryos will grow and mature.

Catherine, who is now 9 years old, was the first to be born. The couple decided to try again at that point because there were still 9 embryos in the lab.

Twins Caleb and Cody were born two years later, then Chelsea and Kelsey. Kadena and Colton, Julie’s second pair of twins, were born 11 months ago.

Julie, who is 40 years old today, has 7 children. In 1977, in vitro fertilization was performed successfully. It is a lengthy and challenging process.

Children are the continuation of life. Without children, there is no happiness and there is no life.

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