Albino sisters conquer the modeling world in Kazakhstan: they are so beautiful

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Asel, 14, and Camilla, 2, are the sisters of Asel and Kamilla Kalaganova, who are still quite young.

The oldest, Asel, will enroll in a modeling school, although they are already in high demand as models.

Due to their uncommon appearance—both girls are albinos—they became well-known.

The birth of Assel, 14, and Kamilla Kalaganov, 2, into a typical Kazakh household sparked many medical concerns.

Doctors in Kazakhstan rarely treat albinos, despite the fact that both sisters were born with the condition.

Even today, many people are still in awe of their appearance, such as Asel’s schoolmates or neighbors.

The girls‘ unconventional looks ultimately brought them luck, as they are still in demand as models in Kazakhstan.

The oldest, Asel, is already actively participating in fashion shows and is going to school to become a model in order to follow this career in the future.

Camilla is also invited to photo sessions.

Assel began modeling when he was ten years old. The girls‘ enthusiasm in the modeling industry was further piqued by Camilla’s presence, and they were given the opportunity to shoot together.

Asel is currently quite well-liked in Kazakhstan; she has more than 23,000 social media followers.

They are so beautiful and amazing.

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