All tears: Friends helped the paralyzed groom perform the first dance with the bride

Interessante Gerüchte

Ryan Estep, a resident of Louisiana, had his life divided into before and after a car accident during his last year of school.

The accident left him permanently paralyzed from the waist down, forcing him to abandon many of his life plans.

However, Ryan continued to train and participate in sports, even competing in the Paralympic Games in 2012.

He pursued higher education, became a motivator, and found work in logistics, eventually managing to buy his own house.

At the age of 34, Ryan met Chandler Dandy thanks to a mutual friend.

After some persistence, Ryan convinced Chandler to go out with him, and their relationship blossomed.

On their first anniversary, Ryan surprised Chandler with a romantic mountain trip, where he proposed to her.

During their wedding in early June, Ryan surprised Chandler by standing up for their first dance.

With the help of two friends, who tied Ryan’s paralyzed legs to their own, they secretly practiced for weeks to walk as one person and make this moment possible.

When Chandler saw Ryan stand up, she was left speechless and full of emotion. They embraced, and tears flowed as the world seemed to pause.

The unforgettable moment was captured on video. The newlyweds cherish the day of their wedding and the miracle that occurred during it.

Ryan and Chandler have plans to start a family together, hoping for a couple of little athletes.

Currently, they are enjoying their honeymoon and are grateful that Chandler accepted numerous invitations to go out.

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