All the cars have stopped and watch as this leopard teaches his kids to pass the road

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When Victoria visits the beach, she always looks her best.

Victoria Justice swiftly secured the lead role of Tori Vega in her own series, Victorious, after securing her iconic role as the self-assured and humorous heroine Lola in Zoey 101.

Nevertheless, the former Nickelodeon star has achieved success in various movies and television shows since her days as a kid star.

Victoria has made it known on social media that she enjoys traveling and lounging by the beach in a gorgeous bikini or swimsuit in between her hectic schedule.

The brunette beauty uploaded pictures of herself wearing a beautiful red one-piece with cutouts in June 2018 while sailing.

The Hollywood, Florida native posted photos from her trip to Jamaica on Instagram the following year. She even had fun on the tire swing while wearing a red rose in her hair and a sexy black two-piece.

After working for over ten years on the popular kids‘ channel, Victoria didn’t put a stop to her profession.

Later, she received roles in a number of films, including A Perfect Pairing and Afterlife of the Party.

The cars have all stopped so that everyone can observe the leopard teaching his cubs to cross the road.

Nobody like being stuck in traffic, especially when they are rushing.

However, it is OK if you are in South Africa and are crossing the road of the Kruger National Park, one of the perilous and alluring locations in the world where wild animals are allowed to roam free.

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