Amalia Jennings is a gorgeous married and very happy woman: she’s not even planning to lose weight

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Since she was young, Amalia Jennings has struggled with weight. She experienced continual bullying and teasing at school. The girl was always crying, unhappy, and eating stressful foods.

The problem was made worse by this, and the chubby baby quickly put on weight.

She spent a lot of time online as a teenager. The World Wide Web was the source of his happiness.

Amalia and Sean corresponded online for a full year and discovered a lot of shared interests. Sean was aware of Amalia’s weight issue, but he didn’t care. The pair was able to achieve pleasure through lengthy conversations in the evenings.

Once they met, they understood it was fate. A bouquet of flowers was given to Amalia by Sean, and the evening was incredibly romantic.

Tears welling up in the girl’s eyes, she recalled that they were her very first flowers and that the couple shortly wed.

The victory was only eclipsed by the fact that Sean’s father cut off communication with him after disapproving of his son’s decision.

Amalia believes that dieting and going on strict diets should not be used as a kind of self-torture. They are an unusual couple but a very happy couple.

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