An 83 years old man thinks he lost everything in the fire, until something emerges from the burning rubble

When his wife and boys left for work, the father was left home alone.

The man got up to fill the stove with fuel after becoming quite cold.

He made a grave error of judgment, nevertheless.

The wooden house practically caught fire in a flash as the fire from the oven spread to the walls.

The old man miraculously made it out of the house.

He did not care about his possessions or papers as he ran away.

He believed he was completely lost. But his pet cat made it out from under the flaming house’s debris.

The man sobbed while holding the fire-rescue cat close to his chest. He stood there sobbing as his house burnt while holding the rescued kitten.

The man was fortunate. Even though he was able to escape the blazing house, the fire destroyed all of his possessions.

The house was reduced to a pile of coals and 13 out of the 14 chickens perished in the blaze.

The 83-year-old man somehow survived with minor burns.

Later, he was promptly allowed to leave the hospital. The kindest heart never lets someone without help.

Be kind in any situation. You will get back from God.

God bless everyone.

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