An amazing glossy velvet-black bird sporting a striking scarlet-chested iridescence

Interessante Gerüchte

A magnificent, gleaming velvet-black bird with a vivid crimson daub on the breast and an iridescent green head and neck.

The scarlet-chested sun bird (Chalcomitra senegalensis) stands around 15 cm tall and weighs 14 GMS.

The male has black plumage with an iridescent emerald green head and chin.

Scarlet is seen on the neck and upper chest. The bill, foot, and legs are all black. Brown eyes are present.

The male Chalcomitra senegalensis has somewhat different physical characteristics than the female.

The female Scarlet-chested sun bird has grayish olive upper plumage with highly mottled underparts, which distinguishes it from the female African black sun bird.

This species is distributed across Sub-Saharan Africa, from southern Mauritania and Guinea to Ethiopia, and further south to northern Namibia and north-eastern South Africa.

The scarlet-chested sun bird prefers arid savannas and scrublands.

They can, however, be found in dry grasslands, orchards and rural gardens, arable land, and urban parks and gardens.

Nectar, insects, and spiders are among the foods consumed by the scarlet-chested sun bird.

This sun bird prefers aloe nectar and will eat by perching or hovering.

While Scarlet-chested sun birds can reproduce all year, this varies depending on where they live.

The female constructs an oval-shaped nest dangling from the apex of a branch 2-10 meters above the ground.

The nest comprises grasses, dead leaves, plant down, and spider web, and it is adorned with seeds, leaves, ribbons, feathers, and even bits of paper.

Within the female, up to three cream, greenish, or pinkish eggs with black patterns are laid.

She keeps them for around 13 to 15 days.

Chicks are nourished by both parents after hatching and become fledged 15-20 days later.

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