An amazing group of rescue workers revive a baby elephant with CPR after road accident

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After administering CPR on a newborn elephant, a Thai rescue worker was able to bring it back to life in a dramatic scenario.

After a collision with a motorbike, the kid lay motionless in the middle of the road.

Fortunately, the odds shifted in its favor because to the efforts of a dedicated rescuer.

When the sad event occurred, the young elephant was crossing a road with his family in Thailand’s southeastern district of Chanthaburi.

Despite being off duty, rescuing worker Mana Srivate hurried to the location when he received the call.

Even though he had been doing resuscitation for more than two decades, he had never performed one on an elephant.

His determination, though, saved the baby calf’s life.

To make matters worse, the savior was under even greater strain because the remainder of the herd was not far away and might have arrived at any time.

The calf miraculously revived following a dramatic rescue that lasted around 10 minutes.

Despite coming to his senses, the newborn elephant was brought to a vet clinic for additional examination.

It didn’t take long for the young one to recuperate, so the rescue crew returned him to the same location to rejoin its family.

Fortunately, the mother of the child ran towards it as soon as she heard its cry.

The elephant calf was given a second shot at life thanks to this hero.

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