An amazing woman with tattoos was dressing like a teen: be yourself there is only one of you

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Since ancient times, women’s and young girls‘ self-confidence has played a significant part in determining beauty standards.

In any case, increasing self-confidence is something that many people may achieve by raising awareness of diversity and showing that everybody is perfect in her own manner.

And where does it state that clothing for a particular age group must be of a certain style?

Lonni Pike, a woman from California, seeks to show everyone that ladies of any age can dress however they feel most comfortable.

With over a million TikTok followers and more than 115,000 Instagram followers, she has a sizable fan base on both platforms.

She resides in California and has often been prominent on social media.

Lonni described herself as a „failure that everybody (including myself) had written off, but who proved them wrong“ in an interview with Bright Side.

In conclusion, I would say that my life is fantastic. Lonni has made it her mission to encourage her internet audience to judge their own beauty independently of others‘ perceptions of beauty.

In all of her photos taken for the public, Lonni has accepted her tattoos and gray hair.

She stated during the interview that people should consider a person’s „total image“ rather than simply the components of their personality.

Do you know what I mean? We are grandmothers, mothers, and students. We are female.

Furthermore, we are simply time-stamping ourselves to remind ourselves who we are, she continued.

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