An American neurosurgeon came out of a coma and announced the existence of paradise

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When an American neurosurgeon emerged from a coma, he declared paradise to exist.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, American neurosurgeon Eben Alexander described how.

After a week in a coma, during which he experienced visions, he began his quest to establish the reality of paradise.

Alexander was placed in an induced coma in 2008 as a result of a severe bacterial infection. He reportedly saw a female spirit guide who guided him to an ideal world after emerging from a coma a week later.

According to Alexander, he initially slipped into darkness but was unafraid and had no recollection of his previous existence.

The „white light,“ which arrived with flawless musical accompaniment and brought him to the „Valley of the Gates,“ then saved him.

The speaker talks about lovely, green meadows and forests with waterfalls that pour into clear, blue pools. She also had „bright eyes and a loving smile that filled her with pure love,“ according to the man’s companion.

According to Alexander, it was a god that many people refer to.

When the man first woke up, his family was astounded to observe how his manner had transformed.

His sister described Alexander as acting as a „little Buddha.“ He declared that everything was alright while addressing everyone directly.

The man claims he can’t recall.

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