An association founds a retirement home to welcome the stray cats until their last breath

Interessante Gerüchte

An Animal Assistance Foundation has designed a paradise for old cats.

The retirement home welcomes felines and offers them everything they need.

A small haven of peace for cats built in Cannes.

The first floor of a 135 m2 house came into a “retirement home”.

Our feline friends are welcomed like kings by the volunteers, who do their utmost to offer them the best possible living conditions.

In most cases, the elderly owners had to part with them.

Some animals, unfortunately too old to arouse the interest of potential adopters.

However, the rescuers brought to one of the association’s shelters.

Gray hairballs come from all walks of life.

Residents are free to move around on the first floor of the house, which has several rooms that are always open.

Soft baskets, hammocks and toys allow them to laze around, rest and have fun according to their desires, at any time of the day.

Bowls generously filled at all times, as well as litter placed in strategic places also contribute to the well-being of cats.

The latter have the opportunity to stretch their legs in a secure garden.

To their delight, they benefit from a human presence 24 hours a day to watch over each of them and bring them all the affection they deserve.

They all enjoy the cuddling and caressing sessions.

In total, 2 to 3 volunteers take care of the residents daily, reveals Demotivateur.

The volunteers take great care of their protégés, some of whom suffer from pathologies requiring special attention and care.

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