An atypical grandmother with a 43 centimeter bicep: you will remain delighted

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Robin Hills isn’t one of those grandmothers who spend all day knitting by the window and baking delectable pies.

She doesn’t even utilize seeds, much less sit on a bench with her buddies.

Bodybuilder Robbie Hills competes professionally! This 48-year-old woman is a grandmother to three wonderful grandchildren, as well as the mother of two grown daughters.

She also surprises the world with her physical form in the downtime from such a wonderful job.

No one is even able to call their grandmother on the tongue.

In 1989, Robin headed straight to the gym after receiving her high school diploma.

At first, it was merely a hobby for her to stay in shape.

But the girl was so „trained“ by the sport that she devoted her entire life to it.

Robin now participates in a lot of contests and championships, has a lot of wins under her belt, and has won honorary awards.

The woman’s speedy return to shape after the birth of her daughters was made possible by athletics, and it is because of this drive that she never grows weary of being vivacious and active.

Robin receives a lot of support from his family, who usually cheer on his mother and grandma during sporting events.

A certificate from the International Bodybuilding Federation was also given to her in 2014.

Since then, Robin Hills has participated in professional league competitions across the globe.

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