An eye-popping sharply demarcated red throat is surrounded by a perfectly delineated and finely flecked ring of black and yellow

Interessante Gerüchte

A medium-sized, slow bird with a brightly colored, strongly delineated red neck.

The black-spotted barbet (Capito niger) is a species that is 7.5 inches or 19 cm in length (including the tail) and weighs 48 – 58g (1.7 – oz).

They have predominantly black plumage with red, white, and yellow patterns.

The male has an orange-red neck, a yellow chest, and brown stripes down the side of his belly.

His bill is large and robust, and his forecrown is buff-yellow with a splash of crimson.

The female is identical to the male, except she has darker black patterns on her underside.

The distribution of black spotted barbets is focused on the Guiana Highlands and the northeast Amazon.

This bird’s diet consists primarily of nectar and other fruits, although it will also consume insects and spiders if given the opportunity.

Black spotted barbets normally build their nests in tree hollows, preferring century plant stalks or deserted woodpecker nests.

They will also dig fresh holes in softwood trees.

Within, an average clutch of 2–5 eggs is deposited, which are incubated for 18 days by both parents.

When the young hatch, both parents will feed them. After around 30 days, the young become fledged.

The IUCN has classified the black-spotted barbet as Least Concern.

Though the species‘ distribution has not been estimated, it is uncommon too widespread throughout its range and appears in various protected areas.

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