An ordinary girl married a foreign prince and this is what their children look like

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These are the children of an ordinary girl who wed a foreign prince.

The girls were all exposed to tales of charming princes as children.

And up until a certain age, it’s likely that everyone fantasizes about finding such a spouse.

Natasha, a local woman, met Jacob, a nice young man from Nigeria, who it turned out was descended from royalty.

At the institute, two young people met and fell in love practically right away. The young couple was immediately escorted down the aisle by their steadily growing romance.

Although the girl’s parents first opposed the boy’s marriage, as they came to know him better, they too fell in love with him.

Jacob would have more professional options in Nigeria, so the couple made the decision to relocate there. Natasha fretted a lot over the transfer, but it ended up being pointless.

Natasha was warmly embraced by Jacob’s family and treated as one of their own by Nigerians.

The couple is now the parents of two kids. Everyone is enchanted by the eldest’s charming grin and chattiness.

Also, the girl is still fairly small, so we will have to wait till the baby is older to see fresh pictures.

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