This strong-willed and handsome husky came to the shelter and asked for family


It was an ordinary day in the “ Pole of Hope “ shelter and all of a sudden the workers heard a loud barking.

The huge dog was trying to enter the gate.

The volunteers went out to see who is there. Soon all of them were surprised to see a beautiful tall dog standing there.

The volunteers simply couldn’t understand how such kind of wonderful and handsome dog can be thrown !

His name was Tarhun and it was very strange to think that this dog could be abandoned.

The staff started to look for the dog’s owners.

Tarhun was spending his day at the orphanage and the staff was amazed to find out he was a very balanced and well-bred dog.

This sweet dog used to live in the street where he had lots of freedom and space.

The husky got skilled at taking care of himself and that was obvious.

Before deciding to adopt a husky one must take carefully into consideration many features.

Many of their features are not easy to cope with.

The staff was doing its best to find a loving home for this independent and sweet husky.

Soon to their surprise they could find such kind of sweet and lovely people.

He became a part of a loving and sweet family where he received the required care!

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