Angelina Jolie has recently caused a stir by hiring her 15-year-old daughter as her personal assistant

Interessante Gerüchte

Hollywood celebrity Angelina Jolie has recently made headlines by hiring her 15-year-old daughter as her personal assistant.

This decision has sparked a heated debate among fans, raising questions about the delicate line between a celebrity’s private and professional life.

Angelina has six children from her previous marriage with Brad Pitt.

Among them are three beautiful daughters: Shiloh and Vivienne, her biological daughters, and Zahara, adopted.

Jolie states: „In my home, I have six very individual human beings. I’m excited about all the different phases, emotions, and curiosities they go through. Why shouldn’t it be?“

Today, Angelina Jolie is producing a new Broadway musical based on the novel „The Outsiders.“

She has chosen to have her fifteen-year-old daughter as her manager for this production. Jolie reassures:

„She’s very thoughtful and takes theater seriously, putting in maximum effort to understand how to contribute.“

While some fans have expressed happiness for them, others have raised criticisms. Some users have written:

„She will work with her mother, it’s fantastic, good for her.“ However, some have praised Angelina, saying:

„She’s an extraordinary mother.“ Additionally, there are those who have shown enthusiasm for the theater show: „Ugh, The Outsiders! I’m so excited! It’s one of my favorites.“

Some haven’t hesitated to label Vivienne a „nepo baby,“ implying a term that underscores nepotism.

One user commented: „This is pure nepotism. She’s taking away a job from someone who could have benefited for their career.“

Some believe that Jolie is exploiting her children for public relations purposes.

This debate highlights the complex balance between a celebrity’s public and private life, prompting reflections on the appropriateness and ethics of involving one’s children in their professional activities.

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