Animal lover offers help to Pitbull chained in the cold to a lamppost: he is safe now


Tied to a post and with no way to shelter from the cold, a cruelly abandoned dog received help from a passerby. Alerted, the police and the animal control service intervened to take charge of the Pitbull.

„Tie your dog to a lamppost outside and expect him to survive such low temperatures is criminal.“ Mark Kumpf, director of animal control in Detroit, Michigan, is not getting angry.

The structure he manages has, in fact, welcomed a Pitbull discovered by a passerby when he had been abandoned in the cold and without any resources. The facts are reported by CBS Detroit.

It was a local resident named Calvin Hannah who came to the rescue of the canine. The man describes himself as an animal lover. He owns 3 dogs himself. So when he saw this Pitbull in distress, he didn’t hesitate to come to his aid.

The poor dog wore a collar that was too tight and was attached by a metal chain to a wooden street light pole.

He was at the mercy of the weather, which is not at all lenient in the region at this time of year. The temperatures there are indeed freezing.

Seeing Calvin Hannah arrive, the dog began to growl. He then fed her to try to gain her trust. The animal relaxed a little, but still did not allow itself to be approached.

Calvin Hannah then notified the police, who called the city’s animal control service (DACC – Detroit Animal Care and Control).

The Pitbull was taken care of and placed at the DACC shelter. Mark Kumpf explains that the veterinary team found lesions around the dog’s neck, caused by the collar. He gets all the care he needs.

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