Annegret Raunig gave birth to quadruplets aged 65: she is already mother of 13 children

Interessante Gerüchte

Berlin native Annegret Raunig, 65, astonished the entire globe in May 2015!

Three boys and a girl, all delivered early in the sixth month of pregnancy, each weighing less than one kilogram, were among the four children she gave birth to.

Why did a grandmother who had already had 13 children decide to have another child?

Nowadays, late births are common, but because of the high birth rate, there has been a complex social reaction.

It’s interesting to note that ten years prior to this birth, Annegret had already surpassed all previous German mothers in age.

Nobody had ever heard of our heroine before that. She was a teacher by profession, had five marriages, and twelve children, and even became a grandma.

She had another child unexpectedly after retiring in 2005.

Not only that, but she had a synthetic conception. Furthermore, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl at the age of 55, whom she called Leila.

There was a lot of media coverage of this story.

The subsequent motherhood of Annegret was not welcomed by all of her neighbors.

Annegret is considering having children for the fourteenth time at the age of 64.

The mother was instructed to maintain no more than two fetuses.

Mother has 4 babies at once. The woman received two rewards from Government.

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