Wellwishers are waiting on news from the parents of conjoined twins due undergo crucial separation surgery

Interessante Gerüchte

Annie and Issie Bateson, who are now six months old babies, were born attaching from the chest to the pelvis. They had different little hearts but a common liver, bladder, and colon.

Each of them had one little leg, and they also shared one fused limb.

The „important day“ of the surgery was scheduled at London’s renowned Hospital on Great Ormond Street according to parents.

While Hannah was pregnant, the couple had known that their girls had been combined.

She stated that following their separation, both girls will get a prosthetic leg.

She said to ITV: „Our ideal setting? Although it’s terrifying to say, we’ll be returning here for the ensuing 18 years, which indicates the girls made it out of the ordeal alive.“

The girls, according to father and mother, are tenacious and have thus so far proven everybody wrong.

Long may it go on “  Hannah concluded. A $5k initial goal was set for a fundraiser to assist the family with the fees associated with the problems they confront.

However, as of Tuesday, the sum had surpassed £21,000.

Best wishes to your adorable infants, may their surgery be a success, and they may soon return home.

Parents are so happy that they can help poor little girls.

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