The lion, the tiger and the bear are three inseparable cute friends who didn’t have an easy past


The sweet and unusual friendships can easily be found in the nature !

It’s very hard to imagine that the bear the tiger and the lion can easily get along with each other in the same place.

The most important part of it is that the story lasted for 15 years.

It is quite a long time for the animals of totally different breeds to get along with each other.

The Bengal Tiger and the Baloo Black bear were both rescued from the harsh conditions!

They are now living in one of the nature reserves in the US state of Georgia.

Their story is not one of the positive ones as all of them were rescued from the poacher’s basement 15 years ago.

These cuties are not separated from the day they first met.

They grew up together and they adore each other.

The three of them were in a very bad condition when they first brought to the reserve.

Three friends are always together and they simply enjoy spending time together !

They show love and affection to each other like nobody else!

Their bond is so strong and unique! The three of them enjoy comfortable living conditions.

Due to the kind-hearted people who truly care of animals animals who have spent most of their lives in stress receive second chance in life!

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