Armless mom does everything for her daughter despite all the differences: She is self-confident

Interessante Gerüchte

When you have spent your entire life in this situation, it is difficult to conceive that she should live without arms.

In order to cook, clean, brush her teeth and hair, and now take care of her child, she does it better with her feet than with her hands. Sarah was able to do almost every little thing herself.

When her baby was born in 2018. She looked after her child herself.

She eventually recognized she was struggling with a couple of the manual mothering duties, so she used her annoyance as motivation to inform others about living without limbs.

I started writing about my trip because I was annoyed that I required assistance with my child, she added.

So I made the decision to turn unpleasant times into creative ones. Sarah used social sides and YouTube to show how she performs commonplace duties.

Sarah grew up to be self-confident.  She was able to play, dress up, and even write when she was very little.

Sarah never considered herself to be unique from other kids when she was growing up. She hoped that by showing others how she overcame her obstacles, they will be inspired to strive to live their best lives as well.

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