Just have a look at this artist’s unique works: he turns people’s pets into Disney characters

Natur Und Wir

The Dutch photographer has done so many unique pictures of the people’s pets who resemble Disney characters!

The photographer’s name is Isa Bredt and the expressive pictures done by her simply admire everyone.

She does pictures of sweet pets and makes their appearance in a way that they resemble Disney characters.

Her illustrations have become viral very quickly.

These pictures show us the true nature of each animal.

All of them are unique but they become much more special when Bredt decides to take pictures of them.

Through her art she also helps pets who need to get adopted or simply need help.

Very recently she has even started drawing shelter pets and in that way increase the chances of getting adopted.

We have fallen in love with all those unique pictures and we are sure you will like them!

These unique pictures bring to our lives and once more emphasize the sweet nature of dogs !

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