As soon as the dogs knew where daddy was going to take them they lost their minds

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The moment the dogs learned where their father was taking them, they went insane.

Some dogs have favorite locations, and when they figure out where they’re headed, it’s always a celebration!

Rarely do they go to the vet; instead, they prefer to go for walks in places they enjoy. Using this man and his four very active dogs as an example.

Four German Shorthaired Pointers are seen sitting in the car with their owner at the start of the video. Because these amiable dogs are not the tiniest, there is not much room in the car.

The four-legged companions lose their minds when they understand where they are going. How happy! Intelligent canines knew the way to their preferred strolling location right away.

Since they were young puppies, they have been visiting here. Every time they arrive, they scream with delight and excitement!

No different this time. The four-legged buddies don’t stop until the car is parked.

On their trip to the theme park, they resemble small kids! Going to their favorite spot makes them happy, and they act as though it.

Does your dog also have a certain walk spot that brings him such joy?

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