This sweetie is known as the most responsible kitten in the world as he takes care of three newborn babies

Interessante Gerüchte

According to KC Pet Project, a rescue company in Missouri, this 6-week-old black cat was seen taking care of the three newborn little black kittens.

Very often we see in nature how bigger animals take care of the young ones as if becoming their mothers or fathers.

Our wonderful hero will blow your mind as he is famous for being the most caring kitten.

The black cat was willingly taking care of the three newly born kittens and nobody knows if he is the big brother of the kittens and why their mother is not with them.

This sweet kitty turned out to be very responsible and caring to the newborn babies.

That’s why KC Pet Project named him “ the most caring cat in the world“.

“ This is the sweetest and cutest scene one can ever witness“.

The sweet kittens were even given names: Ollie, Frainkie and Zeiggy.

When the kittens are born they need to be fed by their mother or by human beings with a bottle.

Being a male he is so excited and willing to try his best to protect the helpless kittens.

And as you can see he copes with his duty perfectly!

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