At age 50 the lady gave birth to quadruplets: she is now a grandmother

Interessante Gerüchte

Since Tracy has always desired to be a mother, she desires a large family.

No one can claim that her expectations haven’t been reached thus far because she already has three grown children and as many as eight grandkids.

However, as the expression goes, there are no limits to achieving perfection.

Tracy and her husband Stephen, who now make up the pair, decided to grow their family.

The woman was unable to get pregnant due to natural infertility, but she was determined to keep trying.

It’s important to note that Tracy had all of her older children with her first husband before their divorce in 2003 and that she is the biological mother of all of them.

She became pregnant in 2006 while still wed to Stephen, her current husband. However, she made the decision to terminate the pregnancy since she thought the time was not right to start a family.

Nobody is unaware of the fact that Tracy’s decision prevented her from becoming pregnant naturally.

Thus, the in vitro fertilization procedure Tracy and her partner undertook earlier this year, which cost about $9,000, was successful.

One of the three embryos was successfully implanted in the future mother, and it later gave rise to a pair of twins.

And so it came to pass that Tracy gave birth to four children—three girls and a boy—in her 31st week of pregnancy.

One such story is this one.

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