At the age of 2 years old, the little disabled girl was abandoned by her mother: look at how she is after 20 years

Interessante Gerüchte

At the age of two years old, this little disabled girl was abandoned by her mother. This touching story speaks about a girl born without arms.

When the girl was only 2 years old, her parents left the „unusual“ child. Due to her disability, Inga’s mother took her to an orphanage.

Since the possibility of being adopted was so limited in her city, the staff decided to put her name up for foreign adoption.

So, magic happened in her life as she would move to America.

This kind couple, David and Jennifer, soon adopted her and brought her to live in a loving home forever.

They did everything possible to help the child not feel unimportant among her peers.

The young mother taught her to use her feet to perform all the tasks of life.

Thus, Inga gained experience in performing many tasks. She also managed to master music and driving a car.

Can you imagine? By creating and managing a personal blog, she achieved international fame through the Internet.

Many years later, her biological mother found Inga to make sure she was well, as she had been worried about her all those years.

Inga is so happy that she holds no grudge against the woman. She simply enjoys her blessed life with her loved ones.

Furthermore, her heart is occupied. Inga met a kind young man, and they started communicating without obstacles.

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