Just have a look at the gloomiest cat in the world named Loki who will make your day

Interessante Gerüchte

Very often we hardly find something cute about cats! This story about a wonderful Sphinx will just make your day!

The hero of our story is the wonderful cat named Loki who has attracted everyone’s hearts!

Loki’s unique appearance may scare many people but it is just the way he looks.

The cat has a gloomy face all the time. However, do not let the way this cutie looks create a false impression on you.

The cat is most probably the sweetest cat in the world with the kindest heart!

It has 118,000 followers. Loki looks like an old man who is always ready to judge you for each bad thing you did in your life.

This cutie will make your day brighter and sweeter! The cat died in 2018. He will forever stay in our hearts!

His Instagram account is full of interesting pictures telling us about him!

He is known as the gloomiest cat in the world. You will admit that by looking at his pictures!

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