At the supermarket the dog froze in the ice under the shopping trolleys and froze: he’s adorable

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Workers load their trolleys and leave the supermarket every afternoon right before it shuts.

It was the same this afternoon, save for the fact that a worker cleaning the trolleys heard a moan coming from the lower level.

A little dog was visible when she peeked underneath the trolley. He had untidy, dirty fur that gave him a terrifying look.

The dog attempted to stand up after appearing to understand what she was saying but was unsuccessful.

She observed that while he could stand on his front legs, his back legs were completely immobile.

The dog whined once more as it turned to face the woman.

The dog was lying immobilized on the sidewalk, the woman noticed.

Additionally, she observed that the dog was sporting a collar with a carabiner, indicating that he had most likely broken free from his chain.

The dog was able to be removed from the sidewalk by the woman, but it was unable to continue walking and fled.

Additionally, the mom was unable to return home securely since she was concerned about leaving the infant outside in the bitter cold once more.

Bimka was picked up by our volunteers, who transported him to the doctor right away.

The infant was eventually able to stand up on his own once he had warmed up, but it turned out that one of his legs was still not functioning.


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