This sweet and cute cat is so attached to his grandma that doesn’t want to leave her side

Interessante Gerüchte

The sweet cat has been so attached to the woman that refused to leave her 96-year-old human’s side.

They got attached to each other from the first moment they met.

In 2014 Alexis and her family heard some noise from their basement and went to find it out.

The sweet kitty was in the wall and the mother and sister had to use the sheetrock in order to get the cat out of there.

The family before adopting decided to look for the kitty’s mother.

The sweet cat was only 2 years old and could hardly open her eyes.

The family, after finding out that the cat was a stray, decided to take the kitty to their home in Florida.

The grandmother simply adored Trooper from the first moments.

“ She fed the helpless kitty with a bottle, took with her and was so happy to have this cutie“, says Hackney.

The family understood how string the connection between the kitty and grandmother was when Whalet got sick.

Very often the grandmother had panic attacks and the kitty was hurrying up to calm her down.

The cat didn’t leave her grandmother’s side and you can see how much the cat actually adores the cat by the way she takes care of her.

People have a misconception that cats do not have an ability to love people.

However, this story proves once more that maybe they are not like dogs but they are able to experience strong emotions too!

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