Barber transforms a homeless man and these photos help his family find him after 10 years apart

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After 10 years apart, a barber helps a homeless man change and these pictures help his family locate him.

After only a few days, a nice deed performed by a barber in Goiás, Brazil, changed drastically.

Alessandro Lobo’s living room was first visited by a homeless man who sought to have his beard trimmed.

The barber shop staff members recognized him and offered him money and food right away, but he politely declined.

But Alessandro didn’t leave things as they were; instead, he gave Juan Guimares, 45, a genuine spa day.

We frequently lend a hand to those in need.

Many people are losing loved ones and are in serious financial trouble; these are trying times. Therefore, now is the time for any assistance.

It took around two hours to complete the transition. Juan had spent the previous three years living on the streets, so the workers at the salon not only gave him a stylish haircut but also provided him with clothing and shoes.

Little was said, but the man could hardly contain his tears when he saw his reborn self in the mirror.

Alessandro and Juan posted a picture together on social media, where it quickly went viral.

And imagine the barber’s amazement when a homeless man’s parents wrote to him.

Juan Maria’s sister, who resided in a different city, claimed that she last spoke to her brother ten years ago. She continued to look for him but in vain.

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