Beautiful aliens: a family with supernatural color eyes struck the world

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The Markov family from Slovakia is living proof that genes are the strongest thing.

Dominika Markova, a Slovakian girl, was crowned Miss Slovakia in 2015.

The model rose to fame on social media and had great popularity in her own country for 5 years after winning the prestigious competition, but not just due to her looks and her position!

Dominica, 25, has azure eyes, which always seem to glow and pierce to the heart, making its possessor look otherworldly and alien.

The most intriguing aspect is that he acquired these eyes from his father, who also gave them to him!

Dominika posts selfies and pictures of her family on a regular basis. Check out the photo of him with his father and grandfather!

On Instagram, more than 120,000 users follow the girl’s and her family’s daily lives.

When sharing family images online, the model was initially suspected of wearing contacts and was frequently accused of using Photoshop, but with time, people began to believe that she was being sincere.

Since Dominica simply has incredibly lucky genes, we are persuaded that Photoshop is extremely unlikely in this case. Her trademark is her light blue eyes.

Beauty is wealth, which should be very expensive for any person. Appreciate what you have in your life.

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