Internet users criticized the appearance of this girl’s boyfriend and she did what no one expected

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26-year-old Nguyen Hu Hui and 23-year-old Nguyen Mi Lin are known throughout Vietnam. Because according to everyone, one of them is a beauty and the other is a beast. And their story really looks like a fairy tale.

Nguyen Mi Lin is popular on the social network. More than 40 thousand people have followed her Facebook page.

The girl is a beauty, netizens find her charming and talented.

One day, she posted a photo with her boyfriend – 26-year-old Nguyen Hu Hui. And then it began…

“He does not suit you”, “you are too good for such a fat man”, “you look bad with a fat ugly guy” – such comments were thousands. And the flow of negativity did not stop.

Indeed, the difference in appearance between them is enormous. The boy weighs 130 kg, while his girlfriend weighs 83 kg less.

Many thought that after such a flurry of criticism, their relationship would not withstand the pressure, and the photo would be deleted, but that was not the case.

The girl did what no one expected from her. She began to upload even more joint photos.

“Vietnamese couple, known for their contrasting looks as ‚Beauty and the Beast‘, are still having a very happy lunch, leaving all the criticism behind” – the caption under the post of Nguyen Mi Lin.

“Love is not weight or physical appearance. What is really important in love is how comfortable you are talking together and how your hearts fit together,” writes Nguyen Mi Lin.

Now, Hu Hui and Mi Ling have been together for two years, and they do not even think about breaking up.

Yan News notes that their otherness and the girl’s serious attitude towards relationships conquered the whole world.

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