The sweet and cute cat becomes famous for “ greeting “ his lovely owners when they walk through the door

Interessante Gerüchte

According to the statistics the cats are truly intelligent creatures!

In our story you will see the proof why cats are so intelligent !

This sweet cat named Arthur has become an Internet sensation when the pictures about the cat were shared!

This cute cat every time welcomes its owners with a acute “meow“.

The owners every day are so happy seeing their lovely cat greeting them with its sweet smile.

The owners shared the video of the cat with a note,

“ Every time our sweet cat Arthur drives attention when he comes through the cat flap“.

In that way the cat is saying “hello“.

The owners shared a video of the cat greeting them!

Every time the cat stops to say “meow“ as a greeting !

The video of the cat greeting the owners was viral and it got nearly 8 million views.

The owners of Arthur say they are blessed to have him!

He makes each of their days brighter! Arthur is mostly a domestic cat and likes spending most of his time at home.

When he is at home it’s a great chance for him to greet his owners many times!

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