This cute puppy’s story of being so happy and excited to finally get saved from the streets spread quickly


This unique story about a sweet stray dog named Layla will make your day!

He used to be a totally forgotten and neglected dog until Beaumont Animal Care didn’t adopt it!

When one of the staff members of the Animal care approached its kennel and started speaking in a sweet baby-like voice, the dog was so excited!

The dog has been a roaming dog for a long time and he was in need of human care and attention.

He started wagging its tail out of happiness and excitement.

Rachel, one of the staff members in Animal Care Shelter decided to film this heartwarming moment!

When he shared the video on social media it instantly gained lots of views.

Layla also got lots of inquiries to get adopted as she was so sweet and cute!

She was a very adaptive and easy-going dog so it didn’t take a long time for her to get adopted to the new environment!

One of the local couples decided to adopt this cutie.

Layla quickly got along with the couple’s other dogs.

The couple was so happy having a sweet dog like Layla as their new family member!

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