The baseball fans did their best to save the dog’s life who was left in a hot car outside the stadium

Interessante Gerüchte

During summer, it’s important to be careful to our dogs and do not leave or forget them in hot cars.

Dogs are very sensitive to heat strokes and it’s never a good idea to leave your dog in the car.

With each new year, lots of fatal incidents happen with dogs. However, the good news is that there are kind-hearted people living in the world.

Kind Samaritans did their best to save the dog’s life by taking it out of the car.

The group of passersby did their best to take the dog out of the hot car outside a baseball match.

Josh together with his wife Erin were at a Kansas City Royals baseball game but they decided to leave the game early.

They did something truly heartwarming: by hearing the whimpering of the dog locked in the car they immediately went to action.

What’s the most terrible part for the dog is that it was left inside the car without food or water with over 90 degrees and felt even hotter.

They started acting in order to save the dog’s life. The teamwork was really one of a kind.

Josh said that they called the police and gave the dog to Royal staff members.

Josh’s brother said that if the owner of the dog didn’t come up, he wants to adopt him!

What’s the most interesting is that such kind of things happen very often at Kauffman Stadium.

This time luckily it was possible to save the sweet dog’s life due to the group of baseball fans.

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