This is the sweetest ever bird in the whole world: meet the incredible bird all covered in fall colors

Interessante Gerüchte

Autumn is calling us! It’s true that some birds can remind us of seasons.

This cute story is about silver-eared Mesia who is famous in nature with its unique plumage that has autumn colors.

Mainly these cuties inhabit in damp woodlands and they eat fruits, seeds and meal worms.

Another peculiarity of these birds is hidden in their developed ability to easily communicate.

Whenever one silver-eared mesia is noticed, other birds may strive to be close to each other.

These birds adore living in higher altitudes and are difficult to locate.

Let’s speak about its unique plumage that consists of red, yellow and orange colors with a slight green and brown colors.

This bird is a real combination of unique colors and is so unique.

As the bird has a unique plumage it is very common in pet trade and can be defenseless to poaching.

What’s the most interesting is that these birds adore detaining at higher elevation.

We hope this unique symphony of autumn colors made you miss autumn.

Just another wonder of the nature that is worth discovering.

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