The girl was celebrating her birthday dressed up as RED Riding Hood with her husky dressed as her Big Bad Wolf

Interessante Gerüchte

This wonderful and unique husky and the baby became super famous thanks to their unique costumes.

They are simply the most wonderful and cute Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf one can ever see.

The sweet girl named Agatha decided to celebrate her birthday in a special way.

She got dressed with a costume of the Little Red Hiding Hood character.

The sweet husky, the girl’s companion named Yanuk was dressed as the Big Bad Wolf.

The cute husky was trying to conceal himslef as a Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother.

His image was completed with a pair of glasses !

They both are the cutest ever duo one can see!

Everyone who saw them were fascinated by the way they look.

They both seemed to have been run away from the tale!

Little girl Agatha is so blessed to have a friend like Yanuk.

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