This wonderful black lab showers everyone with his cute smile as if speaking with them


This cutie has been taken to Humane Society shelter being just eight weeks old.

This cute pup’s name was Bureau and at that time he was suffering from serious health issues.

Two other pups also became a member of the shelter Joe and O.

The pups‘ names were given after the names of the football coaches.

Bureaus had to be taken to the hospital to receive proper care.

One of the pups named Joe got adopted so his desire to find a loving home got more intense.

The pup started to sweetly smile at anyone who entered the shelter.

His smile is an indicator that he wants to be loved and taken care.

The staff decided to capture a video of him playing with a ball.

That type of video was done for Joe who previously got adopted.

The shelter workers wanted to show with how much love the puppy smiles people!

His smile not only brought happiness to everyone around but also helped him to get adopted.

Now the sweet dog has a loving and caring home!

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