Blind rescue spaniel finally gets the chance of having eye surgery and sees owners for the first time


This is the heartwarming moment when a blind dog meets the humans who rescued her for the first time.

Olive, a lovely Cocker Spaniel, was almost completely blind when she was adopted by a caring couple.

She is now able to see the people who helped her during her most difficult days, following a very complicated procedure. The scene was captured on tape, and it’s very heartwarming!

Olive, who is quite friendly, was saved from the streets of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, after her previous owners — most likely – abandoned her.

Even when she eventually found a place to sleep, the Cocker’s situation was not looking bright. She had cataracts in both of her eyes, which caused her to lose her vision.

Fortunately, Olive was welcomed by a Canadian couple who fell in love with her right away.

Despite her inability to see, Holly Emmerson and her husband Bart chose to adopt her and do everything they could to help her regain her vision.

They raised enough money for the surgery with the help of family, friends, and animal lovers, and when the time came, they were just as eager to witness Olive’s reaction as she was to see them again.

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