Blind staffie has his own ‘guide dog’ who never leaves his side and helps him explore the world


This cute Staffordshire bull terrier’s life has been challenging since the day he was born. Amos, who was born blind, struggled to survive, let alone have a family or even a friend.

But compassion pays off, and he now has not only a lifelong home, but also his own ‚guide dog‘ in the form of his best friend, Toby.

When one of the volunteers at the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, where Amos was born, chose to look after him, his life transformed.

Jess Martin, who has always loved animals, fell in love with this sweet soul the first time she met him.

So, when everyone ignored him since he was blind, Jess decided to take him home as a foster child.

. But what was supposed to be a short-term stay developed into a long-term commitment.Jess‘ only fear was how her dog Toby would react when he met the new member of the family.

But not even Jess could have predicted how well the two would get along.

Toby not only welcomed Amos into his domain, but he also transformed himself into his eye-seeing dog, assisting his brother with finding the water dish and exploring the world.

„I believed it would be difficult to locate an owner, so we chose to foster him in February last year while Amos was in medical care for four months,“ Jess explained.

„After a while, we realized we would never give him back.“

„Toby snarled at him a few times at first, but after a few days, I saw Amos couldn’t find his water bowl, so Toby nudged him and helped him out.“

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