Blue parrot known from the movie „Rio“ is now officially extinct: the unbelievable beauty

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At least seven bird varieties have vanished in recent years, according to a new study by BirdLife International. Between them is the blue parrot, made famous by the film „Rio.“

The parrots fought for their survival in the popular animated film, as Blu flies from America to Brazil in search of Jewel, the species‘ lone female.

In the happy ending scenario, the two fall in love and have a child. Unfortunately, Spix’s Macaw parrots did not survive in the actual world.

The analysis finds that while previous bird extinctions occurred on isolated islands, the most recent ones occurred in South America.

This demonstrates the devastating effects of deforestation in certain places.

Approximately 187 bird species have vanished worldwide since 1500, according to the Red List of Endangered Species.

According to the organization in Cambridge, UK, the causes of this rapid loss include the introduction of alien species, poaching, and deforestation.

Many animals have been forced to adapt or go extinct as a result of the massive urbanization and global warming that has occurred in recent years.

Blue parrots with brilliant blue plumage have been declared extinct in the wild. Some exemplars, however, are kept in captivity.

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